Licenses & FAQ


How does font licensing work?

When you purchase a font from us you’re technically purchasing a software license to use the font. Just like when you’re buying an app. There are several types of licenses to choose from depending on how you’ll use the font, such as print, web design, eBooks, usage in app UI and more.

On you can buy licenses for desktop use, webfonts, eBooks & app UI usage. Should you need a custom license you could always contact us and we’ll set you up!

What’s a desktop license?

This is a basic license that covers typical print, digital, social media design, usage in logos and motion graphics. One desktop licenses cover one user. That means one install on one computer.

If you need a large number of desktop licenses, contact us for a volume pricing.

What’s a desktop + web license?

This license contains WOFF and EOT files that can be used in a CSS @font-face declaration, allowing for usage of the font on a website. One web license covers one domain. This license also include the desktop license. See “What’s a desktop license?” for more details on what’s included there.

What’s a ePub license?

This license is similar to the desktop license and gives you the ability to use the font to produce and sell an eBook on platforms like Kindle & iBooks e t c.

How many licenses do I need?

One desktop license per user is a good start. If you work at an agency and wish to use a typeface in a client project, purchase one desktop license per team member who is working on the project. If the client would like to use the typeface themselves, purchase a desktop license for each of their users as well.

If the client also wishes to use the typeface on their website, purchase one desktop+web license for the entire project. Unless the client wants to use it on several domains. One license per domain.

If you need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I buy bulk license & do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer volume pricing as well as educational and non-profit licensing. Please contact us for that.

Can I buy your typefaces somewhere else?

Yes, you can find Great Scott typefaces at MyFonts, Envato Elements, Creative Market and YouWorkForThem. Each marketplace cater to a unique audience and have their own licensing rules.

I have another question!

Great! Just contact us. We won’t bite. Promise!