Official Logo of Great Scott as emblem.

Color Tap

What we did:

  • → Concept
  • → UI & UX
  • → Development
  • → Sound & Music

Do you have kids who’ve been on relay races between freemium apps - all which display ads that send them from app to app to app to app?

Yeah, we’ve had that too. And the kids just want to color some nice artwork.

We set out to create a fun & relaxing coloring app that we felt comfortable getting kids to use & play with on their own. Knowing that they wouldn’t be interupted by ads that could take them away from the activity and/or getting exposed to inappropriate content.

An app where parents know that their kids have a safe & creative space with no privacy invading tracking or hidden purchases.

Just a coloring app with satisfying sounds & high quality content from talented pixel artists. Simple as that.

You should try Color Tap. We kinda dig it - and we hope your kids dig it too.

Great Scott teamed up with Daniel Grönlund (development) and Johannes Fridd (sound & music). We all contributed to the product design via lot's of iterations, discussions and user testing.

Take a closer look below or:

Walk cycle for the Color Tap mascot nicknamed Painty McBucketface as well as different poses of Painty.