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A studio designing all things digital

We help companies explore and respond to new opportunities by designing digital solutions.
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About Great Scott!

What we do

We have 20 years of experience in designing and creating digital products. We do UX and UI, thinking of — and building — design systems.

Name a viewport and we’ve probably designed for it. All things web and the viewports that consumes it, mobile apps — iOS and Android — and interfaces for gaming consoles.

We also do some print stuff and design of physical objects. Because it’s always nice to touch, feel and hold the things you’ve designed.

How we do it

There is no checklist or charts that explains our creative process. No clever names for the stages of a project, no diagrams or computer models.

We have a curiosity and we believe in keep making things  —  that’s how we grow and learn. How we stay curious and also have fun while doing.

In short our process is talk, sketch, prototype, debate, discuss and create even more. And repeat. Preferably we do this together with you.

Want to be best friends?

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