Official Logo of Great Scott as emblem.

What we did:

  • → Brand refresh
  • → UI & UX

Established in 2007 are now the largest independent recommendation site in Sweden. Reco has helped companies to collect and showcase their customers ratings and establish trust, increase sales and getting insights to their own businesses.

Great Scott! acts as Reco's UI & UX agency to continuously improve their website,

In 2020 we started to slowly roll out new colors, typography & illustrations. 2021 and onward we are working on new features & optimizing existing ones.

A big refresh of the venue pages are on going with lots of new features coming up.

If you are a partner with Reco they’ll provide you with bagdes to use on your website or social media and even physical stickers. All you have to do is to earn them!

We helped design & build tools for Recos partners to easily respond to reviews, invite their customers to write reviews or if the partners wants to generate widgets to display reviews on their own website.