Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. You’ve probably heard about it. 10 years since its release Minecraft is still one of the worlds most popular games.

Great Scott! worked with Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, for 18 months with UI & UX. Everything from single page marketing pages, purchase funnel optimizations on Minecraft.net to in-game menus and user experiences.


With the development of "Minecraft: Dungeons" Mojang wanted to deepen the lore of Minecraft by creating a rune alphabet.

Using runes and ancient writing in architecture and environmental storytelling, HUD and overall art direction hints at history and depth to the Minecraft worlds that helps further immerse the players in their experiences.

The runes where inspired by magic, darkness and of course: pixels.

Great Scott created the alphabet and the typeface "Illager Runes". A glimpse of the rune alphabet can be found 01:18 into this official Minecraft Dungeons Diaries-entry when a circle of runes appear around the character: