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What we did

  • → Branding
  • → UI & UX
  • → Design for iOS
  • → Design for Android
  • → Design for Android
  • → Design for Android

There are many stories of conflicts between craftsmen and homeowners, but can peace be preserved through a renovation project?

Ireno is a service that prevents conflict and gives the project peace to develop into a success story. It makes it easy to share expectations, keep track of documentation and manage project payments. Ireno also acts an intermediary when you find yourself having different views.

In short: Peace in. Peace out.

We provided branding and UI/UX for their backend tools. The backend tool is used to keep track of clients, projects, documentation and all necessary contracts and insurances associated with a project.

We also provided UI & UX for the companion apps for both homeowners and craftsmen.

We’ve refreshed Recos venue pages with new layout and features.

We did illustrations and art direction for the launch video for their subscription serivce: Reason+. Several cuts of the video where produced and used on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites as well as ads.

Screen capture of the launch site for “Update Aquatic”.

Screen capture of the launch site for “Update Aquatic”.

With the help of components in Figma and the documentation how they should be used as well as the disered pattern it’s easy to prototype layouts, features and optimizations.