Being creative is hard. Sometimes it’s super easy.

Great Scott! believes that in order to stay creative & happy you always have to keep making things.

We mostly think of “things” like apps, ideas, typefaces, doodles and other creative gizmos. It can be crappy things, it can be great things. One, three or a thousand crappy things usually leads to one great thing. That’s why we believe in keep making things.

We are a design studio with 20 years of experience of prototyping, building and designing for web, apps & games.

We can help you create a useful and engaging service, a beautiful brand or a great typeface.




With experiences from industries such as search, banking, news and gaming - Great Scott can help your company connect to customers in a meaningful way.

Type design

We do custom fonts for clients and retail typefaces. Among the companies that has a font of ours include Patagonia, Hulu, NASA, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon, Hearst Magazines, Airbnb, Cosmopolitan US & more.


We offer brands a high quality and distinctive identity. We can help craft everything from logos, brand guidelines, graphic identities, packaging, book covers and much more


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Daniel Feldt


Phone: +46 703 603 37 03