Great Scott! is an independent and collaborative creative studio based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We love to design digital experiences for web, apps, and games. We create brand identities and typefaces.

We want to make things simpler, smarter, helpful, more fun and also beautiful.


There is no checklist or charts that explains our creative process. No clever names for the stages of a project, no diagrams or computer models.

We have a curiosity and we believe in keep making things - that’s how we grow and learn. How we stay curious.

In short our process is talk, sketch, prototype, debate, discuss and create even more. And repeat. Preferably we do this together.


Great Scott! Is a design studio by Daniel Feldt who has 20 years experience in creating digital products. 20 years of experience also comes with a wide network of collaborators ranging from UX designers to developers.

Let’s talk, we’d love to work with you.

what we do:


With experiences from search, banking, news and gaming - Great Scott can help your company connect to customers in a meaningful way.

Type design

We do custom and retail typefaces. Fonts has been in use by Patagonia, Hulu, NASA, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon, Airbnb, Cosmopolitan US & more.

Visual identity

We can help craft everything from logos, brand guidelines, graphic identities, packaging, book covers and much more.

fonts in use by: