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5 iPhones on a background and each has a different view of the Krono trivia game

Krono — The Game of Ages

Did you know that we are closer in time to Cleopatra then Cleopatra was to the Great Pyramids?
And what came first? The invention of the printing press or Columbus' first voyage to the Americas?
Krono is a historic trivia game where you try to order events and persons on a timeline. Drag and drop them to the timeline and place them in the correct order. Try to build as long a timeline as possible before the game ends.
With challenges in subjects like music, inventions, important persons and historical events you'll never run out of interesting topics to learn more about. Try to complete them without a single error. You can always repeat them until you know them by heart.
Compete in daily challenges and share your results with friends and family.

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